I build Websites
I create Content
I do Digital Marketing

Fast delivery

Super speed of delivery
We got a website with content and ads that convert!

Kim Andre Hansen, Pluggen Elektro


Delivers as promised every time as my Web Developer
On time and on price

Nigel, Stirling Cooper Entertainment

Worth every cent

We had a video edited for crowdfunding
‍Great work and price!

Eirik Bøckmann, Wavefoil

Knows what you need

We needed a simple website
He built one for 25 000$ for a company we subcontract for
We thought maybe he would not sell small price
He delivered a very good website for 1500$

Millaim, Grøttumsbråtens Eftf.

Pleased with results

Tidemann talks in big visions, but he follows through!
Our website has gotten us a lot of clients

Øyvind. A Karlsen , Karlsen & Nordseth Entreprenør

Stellar results

Tidemann is an inspiring guy to work with
We had content produced for our organisation

Thomas Ritter, Bølgen Bad

Skilled marketer

Tidemann did affiliate marketing for our educational platform
His work generated upwards of 200 000$ profit

Luc, New Era Learning

The go-to guy!

I ask and he delivers
I have had two websites built and they have both been great and quick
Custom solutions for the price of non-custom!

Øystein Hasnes, hifihub

Worth every cent

We had a video edited for crowdfunding
‍Great work and price!

Eirik Bøckmann, Wavefoil


Up and running 24 hours 365 days a year

Good security and hosting secures perfect uptime

My websites are all built using Amazon AWS hosting

Built to be found

A good website is built for search engines

My sites rank for keywords on Google

Lightning Fast Load Speed

Websites that load quick perform well

Users stay and google sends more people your way

Intuitive and clear

Websites that knows what the user is looking for

Clear thought behind every button

Selling language and design

Words and design is built to drive sales

I use best practice copywriting and colour theory



I am a digital entrepreneur that wants to solely focus on sales for a while.
I do not need to make good money from the get go.
I need to show that I can potentially start making money.